jsParagrapher Beta

I have finally finished tidying up the jsParagrapher, and it is now in Beta. I hope to iron out any remaining bugs and release a stable version by the end of the month.

The jsParagrapher is a simple authoring tool for making exercises to practice organizing a text into paragraphs. Rather than trying to explain what it does, the easiest thing to do is visit http://whitetower.e-lang.co.uk/jsparagrapher/ to see it in action. Yes, it produces exercises and might be considered a bit web 1.0, but it does something I need.  🙂

The authoring tool is written in Java and requires Java 7 to be installed. Because of the recent security issues with Java, I recommend that you ensure that your version is up to date (Java 7 Update 13) and that you disable Java in the web browser. I have written more about this in the post below.

I am looking for Beta testers to help me find any remaining bugs or issues – I have tested it extensively on Windows and Linux, and hopefully there will not be too many problems. The software can be downloaded from the site – I am using a simple form that asks for a name an e-mail so that I can keep track of things and let people know when I have a final release.

Many thanks for your help.


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